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Review by Webmistress:

Before I purchased my Match Agency script,... I hunted high and low! And I became wery familiar with the dating scripts available out there... and my theory on this is... 'you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get'.

I can understand not wanting to shell out a bunch of money, because I am a single mom with 3 kids.

There is so much competition out there in the dating industry,... if you are not going to go with an extreme 'niche' site, like "uniform dating', or 'bbws', or something that caters to a pretty much untouched niche market of the dating scene,... and you are going to run right down the middle... then I think you "need to be able to piss with the big boys".

With a niche site, you can probably get away with a site that has less features and bells and whistles. But otherwise, the competition is too stiff.
I will say however, that I am running the Match Agency Biz script... And for the most part I am very pleased with it. The script is very customizeable in the way that I wanted it. I think that the profile questions really are the most interesting part of the site, any site.
And Match Agency's profile questions are completely customizeable and unlimited.
The WYSIWYG editor in the script is great, and makes the customization of the pages very easy.
The Match Agency is not cheap, but it is in the middle ground of the dating scripts. But it is a very good script. It is very stable, and the "backbone" of the script is awesome!
The biggest upside to the script is the developer. He is always working to improve the script, and listens to his customers when they feature requests, suggestions on how to improve the script, or questions.

This review was posted on the Dating Webmaster Forum :


Ticket message from Steven :

Hi. I initially purchased the 3 month rental for (private domain name) as a test of your services - previously I had aeDating software installed there and it was a very bad experience.

My experience with your company is completely opposite - it's absolutely great!

I would like to do two things:
1. Upgrade my 3 month rental to the full licensed version on (private domain name).
2. Purchase a new full licensed version for use on (private domain name).


Review by Mario:

After looking at several Php based products MatchAgency looked to be the best out there. It was hard to find but we spent weeks trying to find a package that we could alter to sute our needs. Dateopia was the only company that would allow us to use a working demo verson of the software on our server to see if we could alter the package in a way that would keep alot of thier functionality and add alot of the features our perticular userbase needed.

The site runs flawlessly, in 10 days we accumulated over 470 members without any problems associated with the software, even after we did some major alterations. All the problems we ran into were issues with our server, and the fact that we chose to use an IIS based server. Datetopia respoded very fast to questions and answers to issues we had in our beta phase, and questions we had as far as how things worked in the code. We are very happy with this product and would recomend it to anyone. Because your site is an adult site I will not post the address here. But if you would like to see a working site that has a heavy load just pop me E-mail (private email) and I'll give yout eh URL. Please keep in mind its an adult site that may offend sensitive eyes.


Review by Ravenslade :

We also searched high and low for a package that fitted our needs and future needs. Although we have had a couple of problems we are happy to say that we were helped on all matters without any problems. Everyone has different outlooks on what they need and want in a script, and we believe everyone will have a problem or two on the outset, but this is to be normal with any new project. We would recommend this script to anyone, but remember you will not get anywhere without hard work and determination.


Troubleshooting feedback by yasakmeyva :

Here we are proud to state that our search issue is solved by Datetopia developers free of charge although it might be acepted as a customization

The problem is specific to MySQL 5.0.17 SQL structure.

We are sure that their level of support service will be better and better in the future as the software popularity grows day by day.

This feedback was posted on the datetopia product board: .


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