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Datetopia - Dating Software / Matchmaking & Chat Scripts

Datetopia has been developing dating software since 2002 and reached a high expertise level in this area, resulting in powerful dating and member and content management solutions. The Match Agency matchmaking engine software has been developed in the recent years and powers some of the best matchmaking packages in this competitive online dating, matchmaking, social networking, community, adult chat websites market. This software is available in multiple feature configuration beeing able to fit multiple types of requirements, niche purposes, budgets and investment types. The main 3 packages are listed below. Each of these includes all the basic features provided by Match Agency and also supports some additional modules and optional plugins.

  • Match Agency BiZ is the standard package including many modules and optional plugins for flexible site requirements, while Buy Dating Site is a lite but efficient & very affordable version including only the basic modules available on common matchmaking websites but with full options, settings and power provided by the Match Agency - Matchmaker Software.
  • The Software for Dating package is the most comprehensive package available. It was created for customers that want Match Agency BiZ and most important plugins, providing the best deal for these. This is the package we recommend: Click here to see why this is the best deal available. We also offer an optional pay per view video chat pack for this package.
  • VideoFlashChat included with Software for Dating is better than the AteoMessenger downloadable webcam messenger & AteoMedia webcam java chat as VideoFlashChat providess full video support and also is 100% web based, while the other 2 provide only webcam static feeds and require application download & installation by users. That's why the 2 applications were not added to the in the Software Dating package. Because features overlap with the better ones already included, Software Dating customers don't need to invest in those 2.
    The software supports 100% web based 2 way realtime audio & video chat, private chat sessions, emoticons, user icons, session monitoring, templates, multiple views, zoom, profile details. Both Red5 & FMS server side available.
    Check out for advanced Web Video Conferencing Software if that is what you need.
  • VideoGirls BiZ is a complete pay per view video chat dedicated package with special features for running turnkey pay per minute sites.
    Software includes web based video chat with realtime payment preview, video recorder with videos listed on profile page, performer id verification, live video preview for visitors on profile page, income statistics and graphs for performers and webmaster, custom profiles, support tickets. Both Red5 & FMS server side available.
MATCH AGENCY - Matchmaking Packages - Extra Modules Comparison Table
Module Details Software for Dating Match Agency BiZ Buy Dating Site
Administrators Multiple administrators support.
AteoMedia AteoMedia java chat application. Requires the AteoMedia plugin. Requires the AteoMedia plugin.
AteoMessenger AteoMessenger application support. Requires the AteoMessenger plugin. Requires the AteoMessenger plugin.
Banners Banner management.
Blogs Users can create and manage blogs. Requires the Blogs plugin.
Calendar Events and birthdays calendar. Requires the Calendar plugin.
CamDate CamDate / CamDate PRO support. Requires CamDate/CamDate PRO. Requires CamDate/CamDate PRO.
Censored Words Censored words filter.
Confirmation Code Human verification image.
Content Management Dynamic content management.
Couples and Groups Couple and group profiles.
Downloads Publish and manage download pages. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Friends Network Users can link friends to their profile. Requires the Friends Network plugin.
Invite Invite friends to website.
Invite Contacts Members can invite contacts from multiple services.
Java Chat AteoMedia java chat.
Link Exchange Directory Link [exchange] directory management. Requires Advanced SEO.
Link Partners Manage link partners. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Match Newsletter Sends newsletter with latest matches for filter profiles.
Message Templates Users and webmasters can save message templates. Requires the Extra Content plugin.
Multimedia Resource Directory Users can upload multimedia resources. Requires the Multimedia Resource Directory Plugin. Requires the Extra Content plugin.
Newsletters Visitors can signup to newsletters. Requires the Customer Support Plugin.
Picture Crop Users can crop uploaded pictures.
Profile Comments Comments section on profiles.
Profile Ratings Ratings section on profiles.
Recommend Recommend profiles to friends.
Remote Content Manage content for multiple websites. Requires Advanced SEO.
Remote Control Control other websites. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Search Feeds Search & browse results from other websites.
SEO Search engine optimizations.
Settings Edit system settings.
Shoutbox Users can post their opinions realtime.
Templates Multiple templates support.
Tickets Ticket submission, replies and management. Requires the Customer Support Plugin.
Typos Typos generator. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
User Help User help sections.
VideoFlashChat Flach Chat with FMS Video streaming. Requires the Video Flash Chat Plugin.
Webmaster Customizations Webmaster customizations menu.
Webmaster Help Webmaster help sections and editing.
Webmaster Marketing Webmaster marketing menu.
Webmaster Members Webmaster members menu.
Webmaster Sales Webmaster sales menu.
Wishbox Visitor requests box. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Zipcodes US zipcodes. Requires the Localization plugin.
Zones Worldwide zones. Requires the Localization plugin.

Included in the package.
Requires the Localization plugin. Available in additional plugins.
Not available.

Notes: All product packages listed above are powered by the Match Agency - Matchmaking Software Engine v7.3 or higher.


Software for Dating - Best Match Agency Software Deal

Software for Dating
Best Match Agency Software Deal

License Price: $799
Monthly Rental : $99/mo
Quarterly Rental: $250/q

Software for Dating is the best php script package Datetopia provides for online singles & couples dating, various niche matchmaking services, social networking, adult community websites. Thanks to the fact that it's very customizable, this match making software can power all types of niche websites: all profile types, attributes, categories are customizable including search & registration attributes; the matchmaker software is also multi-language and multi-template based; the included flash streaming video chat is oriented towards dating and adult usability as it implements on chat and on site private session support; these dating scripts include social networking and community modules like the friends network and events & birthdays calendar.

Key Features: Agency Management, Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Multiple Templates, Search Feeds, Custom attributes and categories, Couples and Groups Support, Zone Filters, US Zip Search, Integrated Forum, Integrated Chat, Referral tracking, Content Management, Banners/Ads Management, Custom Memberships, Search Filters, Matches Newsletter, Blogs, Friends Network, Multimedia Content, Events Calendar, Link Exchange Directory, Support Tickets, Newsletters, 100% Web Based Video Chat.

Optional Plugins : Webcam Messenger, Webcam Chat - Java.

More about Software for Dating on the product website...

Match Agency BiZ - Matchmaking Software

Match Agency BiZ
Ultimate Matchmaking Software

License Price: $499
Monthly Rental : $59/mo
Quarterly Rental: $150/q

Ultimate matchmaking software that supports registration of personal, couple and agency accounts. This is an advanced matchmaking, dating, personals script with complex customization options including rights system, custom membership upgrade packages, 100% customizable profile attributes editor and categories, content management system, unlimited profiles per account, unlimited pictures, custom payment gateways, internal messaging, content management system, integrated help system, variable attributes / upgrade packages for different account types, multiple admin tool scripts. Full demo for the scripts (member and webmaster areas) are available online.

Key Features : Agency Management, Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Multiple Templates, Search Feeds, Custom attributes and categories, Couples and Groups Support, Zone Filters, US Zip Search, Integrated Forum, Integrated Chat, Referral tracking, Content Management, Banners/Ads Management, Custom Memberships, Search Filters, Matches Newsletter .

Optional Plugins : Webcam Messenger, Webcam Chat - Java, Video Chat - Flash, Multimedia Resource Directory, Events and Birthdays Calendar, Friends Network, Blogs, Advanced SEO, Customer Support.

More about Match Agency BiZ on the product website...

Buy Dating Site - Online Singles Services Software

Buy Dating Site
Online Singles Services Software

License Price: $99
Monthly Rental : $20/mo
Quarterly Rental: $50/q

Advanced matchmaking software for singles websites, online matchmaker services.

Key Features: 100% Custom attributes and categories, Template Based Desing, Agency Management, Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Integrated Forum, Integrated Chat , Referral tracking , Content Management, Custom Memberships, Search Filters.

Optional Plugins : Localization, Extra Content.

More about Buy Dating Site on the product website...


Is Match Agency the same thing as Match Agency BiZ ?
Match Agency is the software and Match Agency BiZ is a product powered by this software. Match Agency is the main matchmaking software engine we're developing. We distribute it in different configurations (Buy Dating Site, Match Agency BiZ, Software for Dating). The main difference with these packages is the price and included/available plugins.

Can I upgrade to a more expensive package after testing a lite one and for what costs?
Yes. Datetopia Dating Software licenses can be upgraded to new ones for the Product Price Difference + Package Renewal fee.

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