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Seduction A Way To Attract
Software for the Human Brain

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What was my problem in giving solutions to the people I meet?
Lots and lots of solutions given to them.
Until I realized that is more efficient to write a book full of SOLUTIONS!!!

Let’s find out together. More important for you:
FIND the free article from my book that is in this text!!!

And if you want to win precious time and go right to the source, click here to open the order page in a new window .

So what am I going to find in this book?
I’ll show you some questions that I’ve answered in this book…
First let’s look at the table of content. It looks like this:

Seduce yourself

Part 1: Approaches How And Where To Do Them

How Do We Get Dizzy Before A Date
Good Places For Approaches
Be Careful! A Relation Is About To Emerge

Part 2: Going Out; Related Problems

Staring Or Acting In A Disco
We Go Out to Have fun
Kissing Asses
Backwards Messages

Part 3: What Do We Do On A Date

The Date Plan
First Date Or What Is Wrong With Me
Knowing How To Sell Yourself

Part 4: Seduction

The 3 Seconds Rule
Killer Time
Seduction Only
Do You Have A Sms?
Seduction At The End
Phone Number

Part 5: Body Language

Body Language
Why Is The Physical Contact So Important
Is She Ready For A Kiss


As you see, there are 5 parts that I deal with in my book. Also, although they might seem different, they all lead to success with women. These parts are:

PART 1: Approaches How And Where To Do Them
Part 2: Going Out; Related Problems
Part 3: What Do We Do On A Date
Part 4: Seduction
Part 5: Body Language

Now let’s get to the questions:

Have you ever learnt seduction lines by heart?
Find out if that is a good thing or not!

“I enjoy the view of you not wearing a bra and I know, since we are in a public place now, you’ll show me more when we are alone!”
What do I really want to say by that? ( … )

What do I want to say by this?
If you use a seduction line, you can get ….

What do I mean by seducing myself?

Why do I mention this aspect?
In most cases, people find a negative aspect and make from it an excuse for not going further! ….

Q: Why do I say all these things?
A: Mainly because you make your approach only when you are at the end of your rope…

Now, that I’m relaxed, what should I do?

Q: So what is to be done in a situation like this one?
A: A good laugh….

What did you actually do?
You gave a phone call to make an invitation…

Do you know how to approach this kind of girls?
( Let’s not forget that women disqualify a lot in that kind of places )

Why have I come to the conclusion: the ideal place to pick up someone is EXACTLY the place where you meet her? …

Get my point here?

One of the things around you that can bring you a relationship is called: attention.
What is it good for?

The details help me with …?

What’s the idea with this effective listening?

See how attention makes the difference?

Q: What does a dance mean?
A: This is marketing !!!
Q: How do I take advantage from her marketing? ….

- I went to a house dancer and I bought her a drink. I took her phone number too!!! Did I do well?
- NO !!!!!!!

What about the phone number?

How did we get to use backwards messages?

What do you want to do? ( it might sound old, but still new )…

What does that mean?
Beside a good plan, you should think big.

Do you see the difference?

What does a good plan do?

Does that imply that every woman is like that?

Do you know that when I say “to sell”, I mean all the time?
In dating you sell your body!!!

Do you know why you date a woman?
For SEX !!! ( and this is as valid for women as it is for men !!! )

“Don’t you have too many friends?” ( but no girlfriends!!! )
I think you would like at least 1 girl for you!!!

How does this work?

Q: Under these circumstances, do you expect to sell?!
A: Unfortunately: No.
Learn how to sell.

Now, let's pass to the article:


Let’s talk about a party that I’ve been to. What was my plan?
Improvisation! That was my plan. I decided to speak with as many girls as I can. Also, I had in my mind to practice my dating skills.

It was a company party and I knew exactly three people. It was just like going to a club.

First things on my list:
1. my position (spatial anchoring) to see who is in the area;
2. the spatial anchoring had to help see the targets around;
3. smiling.

Well, this plan didn’t go accordingly because I had a bad spatial anchoring.
What does that mean?
I moved around too much so, therefore, I started paying more attention not to get in somebody's way (notice the difference between what I did and what I had in mind?)

That is life sometimes. At least I had the smile with me all the time!

I moved on to meeting new girls. It was an easy step for me, but not necessarily a successful one.
A person that I knew at that party introduced me to a secondary school colleague. She was OK, but not in the dating sense of the word OK. So, just talking.
- I hope you appreciate the fact that I’m telling you frankly that I don’t remember you!
As I saw later on, she really appreciated this sentence.

The next one was a work colleague of her. OK, but still in the talking area. Therefore, small talk only.

This reminded me that I had a plan (the 3 points above) and I should respect it. So, the target!
“What was my target for that night?”

As a result, I went to someone that looked familiar ( but I had no idea where from ).
- Adrian. We know each other from… (and she told me where from)
I began talking to her, quite surprised that she began with my sentence. That happened about 2 times after. I didn’t like that so, I began taking control of the conversation. It was an interesting conversation that made me feel confident about myself. I left her my contact details and left looking for the real targets.

Next was a girl that I didn’t get to! I was distracted by someone else when I reached the bar. That’s why I didn’t get to her.
What happened?
While I was waiting for my drink, I looked at a girl nearby. The interesting part about her was that she maintained my look for a time. That rarely happens because people usually turn away their look.
Therefore I went to her and said:
- I loved your look.
Actually, a friend of mine said, when I reached this part of the story, that it is impossible to make a contact using such a stupid line. You have the right to believe what you want. I’m only telling you what happened.
For her the sentence above was a KILLER. And such a KILLER it was that only after a few sentences she came close to me and made me take her in to my hands!
That’s what I said, too! What is happening here!!! And all this happened in about a minute. Lucky for me she didn’t see my surprised face ( for a second or two it was a surprise for me too ).
A friend of her came and brought her the phone. At the same time, while she was leaving to talk, the hottest girl in the area came at the bar. She was sitting next to me. I had two options: to approach her or not.
- When I feel like it, I’ll talk to you too, I said to her.
- You think so? (she looked at me)
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- I don’t think it’s your decision when I talk to you. And I’ll talk to you only when I feel like it.

Meanwhile, one of the 5 guys who were after her came over. He leaned on her and asked for a piece of orange from her. She looked at him with pity and with the same attitude, gave him a piece of orange,
- Do you want some? ( she asked )
- No.
- Here, take a piece.
- I said no.
- Come on, have some.
- When I say no it means: NO!

At the same moment, she took the piece for me and she threw it in my glass. I started laughing and said:
- Your pride is screaming!

She laughed and left.

Do you know what happened when we meet the next time?
She came over with her glass and she said cheers to me. That meant we’ve already known each other.

What happened at the party the rest of the time?
Well, things happened, but they are for me and they're not worth being mentioned here. The idea of this book is for YOU to learn as much as you can.

So, that is what I call a successful party.


Now let’s look this text from another perspective.
This party was a success and that is clear for everybody.
Still, what were the techniques I’ve used?

If we look closer on what I’ve written you’ll see that from the beginning I had a plan ( or I made the The Date Plan )

In the first part of this success story you can see how I tried to blow off my chances of getting women. Why do I say that? Because I had a plan and I didn’t stick to it. It’s just like Getting Dizzy Before A Date.

In the end I started making Approaches.

After 2 Approaches, I realized that if I don’t stick to The Date Plan I’ll end up Kissing Asses.

In the end what did I reach?
Next 3 Approaches included:
1. Knowing How To Sell Yourself;
2. The 3 Seconds Rule;
3. Killer Time;
4. Body Language;
5. Why Is the Physical Contact So Important?

After all these, it’s only normal to talk about success!!!

Read this “Successes story” again and you’ll find all this in what I did. That is the technique behind my Approaches.

Furthermore, if you take a closer look you’ll find out that I applied all that I’ve talked about in this book.
(What is written with bold are exactly the titles form the table of content!)

So for you there is only one thing left to do:

Apply what you’ve read in this book in order to tell the others successfull stories like I did above.

Back to SOLUTIONS written in the book:

What is to be known about the 3 seconds rule?

You are ATTRACTED by “anything” only if you make some connection with that “anything” !!!

- What are you doing?

Present means: NOW! Not in 10 years! Not even in one week time!
What is to be done?

How does it sound?

Get my point?

What else do you need?

And after all this theory, what should I do with such a message?

Is there something wrong with this situation?
As long as you apply it…

How do I act now?

Do you want a fast solution for becoming a guru in taking phone numbers?

What exactly is a phone number?

Did you record the philosophy of the phone?
That’s the only one.

Remember that the phone number is only the first step!
Read more to get the other steps!!! …

You should know about body language: …

Do you find it difficult to say these things?
Do you know that you use them with your equal friends or with the one’s that you are above?
Do the same with women…

And if I still don’t kiss her?
( What is that question doing in my text ?!!! )

What shall we do next?
I’m asking myself why you asked this kind of question.

What happens?
They reached a point from where they can begin the physical contact

See the difference between the two approaches?!

You’ve already done that?
Well, you’ve just reached a long term relationship. From my experience: everybody looks for a long term relationship (even if you hear something else all the time).

If you've spent any time at all going out and meeting women, then you know that a quality woman is a rare thing indeed. (so look to INVEST as much as you can in order to get one !!!)

So how about the VALUE of this book?
Now, in order to know how to have a higher VALUE, INVEST in YOU by ordering the book NOW.

And I get?
The book and an invitation to an EXCLUSIVE date club on the web.
And I can say it is so EXCLUSIVE because you CAN’T EVEN BUY A PLACE IN THIS CLUB!!!

Follow this link in order to get all this !


Seduction A Way To Attract
Dating Software for the Human Brain

The website license to distribute this book is 41.37 USD.
You can also order a 9.73 USD personal license from here.

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