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F.A.Q (scroll)

I'm completely new to this. What do I need to start a dating website?
Basicly, you need dating software, a domain, hosting, software installation, a template/design and advertising.
For more details read this short article : How to start a dating website ?

Is technical support free of charge ?
YES. Support is provided as available by tickets, emails, instant messenger and includes information related to the software (not code/design customizations). No additional charge is required for this.
We can provide additional services like software installation, hosting, custom development for extra fees.

Is there a demo version that can be downloaded ?
There is no download demo for the scripts because these are web server scripts and not desktop applications. The software can be evaluated online (including member and webmaster areas) in the demos. Licenses can also be rented for limited time usage.

How is the software delivered ?
The software is delivered as email attachement because this is a lot faster than CD by regular mail distribution. We also release many updates, plugins and improved versions (sometimes monthly).

Can I host the software anywhere even if I rent the license?
Yes. You can host the software anywhere as long as that server meets the requirements. Our hosting services are optional.

Where can I see the software requirements ?
The software requirements for most of the packages are very similar. You can see the requirements for the latest package here:

Do I need a domain name and hosting before buying this software?
A valid registered domain name is required to license the script. You can register your domain and host it anywhere you want (as long as the requirements are supported) .

Can I change the license domain name after purchase?
Yes. To change the license domain name a new package and license number must be generated. A new package can be issued for a small fee.
[ click here to see details and new package order link ] Also, post a ticket with this information: Order Number(s), Old & New Domain Names, List with Purchased Plugins.

Can I sell my software license?
You can sell your software license with your website anytime, including database and customizations. If the license is rented, the rent can be transfered to the new owner (old owner cancels and new owner starts a new rental). Any owner can change the licensed domain name for a small extra fee (read above).

Where are you located ?
All development is mainly done in Romania (Europe), the servers are located in US, the payment processing companies in US & Germany and we have customers and partners worldwide. The website provided dating software since 2002.

Do you provide design ?
We offer some templates to start from but you should get a freelance designer / design company to create a unique identity for your website. We plan to add more templates in the future. Our installs and customizations team can also create new templates for an additional fee.

Do you provide open source code for the php scripts?
We provide source code for the templates, settings, payment processing and some other customizable files. The core functions are protected because these must remain compatible with future versions. In the latest versions, each of the templates contains source code for the most important sections: website entry page, overall layout, home page, member account center, registration, search - simple & advanced, profile page. Also all interface graphics can be changed for each template. The database is not encoded and custom new plugins, add ons can be created and added into the template based interface.

Can you send me the list of websites using this software?
Would you make public a list of your website's paying members with a way to contact? We respect our customer's privacy and business secrets. We decided not to disclose our customer websites due to multiple reasons: many websites have special customizations / older versions or other changes that make them different from the software we sell, customers usually don't want their direct competitors from the local market to know what software are they using, some customers even complained about freelancers or script sellers spamming them to buy their scripts for using with or in addition to their websites. If you want to see the software you're evaluating running live, demo for all features including member and webmaster area is available for testing online.

How do I request upgrades?
To receive an upgrade you must email or post a ticket with this information : Order Number(s), Domain Name, List with Purchased Plugins.

Can I also run an additional install to work on for development and customization ?
The software license is for 1 domain. You can run multiple installs on the same domain name (,,,

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Can I run this software in my language?
This software supports multilanguage, meaning it can support multiple languages. You can translate this software package to any language from the webmaster area. Just go to the Customizations > Languages section, export a language file in one of the existing languages, translate it to your language and import the translation back into the system as a new language. You will also need to add a gif image flag for your new language to the images/flags folder. Character set encoding can be setup for each language.

Most other scripts have interface only language support - meaning the webmaster can choose a language and use the scripts for that language only - people fill their profile in the selected language and that is available for one language only. It's not the case with our systems: our packages have real multi-language support meaning the website can be used in multiple languages at the same time. Profile data can be filled in multiple languages and is stored for each filled language separately. Selectable attributes are translated automatically to all languages.

How is matchmaking done?
All profile attributes and attribute categories are customizable from the webmaster area. The webmaster can also define what attributes are shown on simple/advanced search, registration page, results page or in the info popup that shows when users place their mouse over a profile snapshot.
Members can also predefine search profiles (for back matching) and also specify importance weight for each attribute for matchmaking calculations sorting.

Does the software come with documentation?
The package comes with instructions for installation and setup. Also contains an internal, context based, help system with a default database of help topics for webmasters and users. Webmasters can also register for free to the product forums that have a great amount of topics related to using and customizing the software.