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Save Money with SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Everybody's talking about it these days! Still, there are few who tested it and know its value.
You could see the SEO as part of the marketing tool in real life. And, from what I know, with no marketing you can expect exactly 0 sales.

Let's give some definitions to make it clear for all.
Imagine the SEO process like an exam. The first condition to pass an exam is to take it. You could be the best on your market but if you are not visible, you will not pass.
There are still good chances that you take the exam with a bad mark. How do you get a good mark?
For a good mark you have to improve the odds that people should meet and know you.
How is that possible?
Well if you knew the teacher's questions before the exam… you'd know exactly what to learn. Now if you change the term teacher with crawler-based search engines it will sound like that:
The site will tell to the crawler exactly what he wants to hear and when that is done it will rank you better.

However this is only a part of what's to be done and it only implies the search engine. Still, don't forget about the other things that you can do to improve your chances to sell. To make sales you need customers. In my opinion this is the first thing to do: bring customers to your web-site.

Remember that while search engines are a primary way people look for web sites, but they are not the only way. People also find sites through word-of-mouth, traditional advertising, the traditional media, newsgroup postings, web directories and links from other sites. Many times, these alternative forms are far more effective than the search engines.
So it is a “must” to give proper attention to this aspects too.

Another part in the SEO process that you should pay attention to is to go yourself looking for customers and not expect them to show up at your place by their own will. Promote yourself on simillar websites to yours. If you have a dating website you should make link exchange or banner exchange with the sites that are on the same market which is dating.

That is not such an easy step because you can easily take costumers from the other site and nobody likes that. Still, cooperation with competion is not impossible and for this you just need some patience. Make a standard mail for the link and banner exchange and when you find a website that you find appropriate to collaborate with, send the email.

Besides cooperation with direct competition, you could also look for websites that adress the same target market as you do but which sell a different product than yours (preferably a complementary product). For instance if you have a dating site and you talk to someone that sell books or advices on “how to get dates” it will be easy to make a link exchange.

I've talked about the web directories. Search especially for the directories that are targeted on dating. There are a lot on the web. I'll give you some examples:

This approach will seriously increase your selling opportunities. What I mean to say is that if you want to buy a car you might also be interested in a date, however if you are looking for “Seduction books” you are looking for dating and that's for sure!

What does good SEO do for you?
It helps you make money because you don't have to spend them!

Look at one of our websites: . It uses the MAB solution which has magnificent SEO tools implied in the software. The SEO tools for the MAB solution made us earn 1800$ each year. How did this happen?
After 1 year we get around 100 visitors each day only from the search engines. Let me show you how we're making 1800+$ / per year (this is the money that we don't have to spend on advertising):
5 cents ( minimum market clicktrough cost, for bringing a visitor ) * 100 ( visitors ) = 5$ / day
5$ * 30 ( days ) = 150$ / month
150$ * 12 ( month ) = 1800$ / year

Of course we invested some money in marketing for this site and I find this natural. And if you don't, then I'll ask you a question:
Do you expect JUST because you bought a Ferrari to ride without gas?

Adrian Tufa Dragos (aditd)
Dating Trainer & Sales Representative

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