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Make It Happen With Your Dating Website

What do we do after we have dating software running smoothly ?
Let me tell you my point of view:
After trying different and lots of things in life I realized that the network is the more important thing that I can achieve.
If you a network you kind have all: Status, Power and Money.

So how do I make the dating website do that?
The Datetopia Match Agency BiZ - Dating Software solution has the same problem as any top line product: It can't return your investment if you don't use it!

So how do I use it?
You have to use in real life the power provided to you by the dating website on the internet.

“Hey, the Match Agency BiZ software only runs the website. It can not give you powers for the real life!”
These are sentence that you might hear in the beginning. You'd normally hear it from people (even friends) that don't have the time to invested in them. So if you hear such a sentence make sure to also notice the envy that comes with it. What they're actually saying is something like that:
“I really admire you for having started to invest in you. Still I don't like it that you'll have all the credits and I'll get the same old, boring job!”

Getting back to our business…

“In about 1 year, 6 month if you advertise, you can make … What would you like to achieve?”
I'll only make some suggestions:
•  money from memberships
•  money from ad space, newsletters, affiliate sales on the website
•  a speed dating event with the dating website members
•  a member meeting to create a network
•  a party
•  open a bar, club with the website theme (and invite your members )

And the possibilities don't stop here! Create your own network of powerful men and women that do business in your location (start of course with the ones from the dating business).
How do I do that?
In about 3 month (the timeframe depends upon how much you target the visitors, advertise or invest in SEO services ) you'll have enough traffic on your website so that it can open interesting doors for you.
And these doors open by talking to the ones that are already acting in the field.
An example is to talk to the one's that make events in the dating area. Sure probably in the beginning but a free ticket for a banner on your site it almost a certainty!

The important part in this “make it happen” situation is not that you win the money for the ticket. Think that when entering that event you will have STATUS! Use it. You are somebody who knows the business and the organizers.

Don't forget about the business cards. Remember to read my article in the webmaster area to remember how to use it efficiently.

So my advice is to: “Make it happen !!!”

Adrian Tufa Dragos (aditd)
Dating Trainer & Sales Representative

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