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Attraction is not a Choice In Business

What you’re reading here may be useful or not but it will sure make you think about things that can help you in business and also in your social life.

You probably noticed that attraction is a very powerful thing in social life (dating, social networking) and not only.
Would it make a difference for you to learn how to use attraction in business?
I think so ;) .

First of all, to understand how attraction works, you must assimilate it in your social life. You must be attractive.
Because this is the most efficient way to get people to come to you.

Do you think you’ll get dates and friends by trying to convince them (behaving needy)?
You could succeed sometimes like that if you have good arguments and also communication and persuasion skills.

But it’s much simpler to just be attractive. This is a role you can choose in life. Only you have this choice in this thing – if you become attractive the others will just get attracted, because attraction is not a choice.

How to generate attraction? This is a very wide subject and reading more on this topic would help a lot. An attractive way to handle social relations is this one: Don’t invest your resources in requesting social approval from the others, just advertise yourself and let them come to you!

What to do if you don’t manage to generate attraction in a social situation, relationship?
If you’re not attractive there then you must be aware that you will have to play the role of not being attractive, being needy and having to work a lot for every little thing. You can accept it or not. This can be used as a filter to select the situations and relationships you can harvest most.

Now let’s talk business!!!

Think about this: What determines people to buy?
Do you think people will buy your products and services because you need money?
They will purchase only if they want the product and they want that product only if it IS attractive for them. Yes, attraction is not a choice. From a buyer’s view, a product IS attractive or not.

Attractive advertising should not be focused on the sale. It should be focused on the product. The message must state clearly why is that product good for the buyer and how can people achieve success with it.

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Insert details about the benefits (including the new status of the buyer) and some numbers/listings to make the items seem more tangible and consistent.

When presenting a product/service a lot of attraction can be generated by using the pre-selection law. Present existing customers that already selected your product and now are happy with it. Use positive testimonials, reviews, ratings, comments and other type of good feedback obtained from your existing clients.
Sample: Datetopia Testimonials

How does Datetopia make its producs attractive?
By collecting information about what customers would like from similar products and also collecting the best ideas from our brainstorming sessions and customer suggestions. We improve the products continuously obtaining the best offers on the market (as price, features, quality). We don’t invest resources in convincing people to buy, we invest in making our products more attractive.

Teodor Nica (ntm3k)
Managing Director

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